Ryzen 2600 Stock VS Overclocked In Gaming

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Ryzen 2600 Stock VS Overclocked In Gaming
Stock Settings:
Ryzen 2600 Stock
RAM 3200 MHz XMP Timings
GPU was always overclocked

Ryzen 2600 4.0 GHz
RAM 3400 ‘Safe Timings’ by Ryzen DRAM Calculator
Timings are shown at the end of the video

CPU core was overclocked to ‘only’ 4.0 Ghz because my chip requires quite a high voltage (1.38V) to remain stable at 4.0. Furthermore I don’t have the cooling to try any further. CPU hits 80 C under high stress at 4.0 GHz.

Ram overclocking is time consuming and a bit frustrating. After a lot of trial and error I got RAM stable at 3400 MHz with DRAM Calculator’s ‘Safe Timings’. Honestly I was expecting a bit more. I couldn’t even get the ‘Fast Timings’ at 3200 MHz stable. Though oddly I could get 3666 MHz with ‘Safe Timings’ to boot so there could be more RAM speed attainable with tinkering.

GPU Overclock:

MSI Afterburner:

Core Voltage +0
Power Limit 120%
Core Clock +170Mhz
Memory Clock +500Mhz
Fan Auto


Ryzen 2600 Stock VS Overclocked In Gaming