Million Dollar Traders – earning $?00K in 8 days with 1 gold stock

Gold Stocks

👴🏼 If you listen to Warren Buffet you’ll be rich when you’re 60

Forget long-term value investing until you’ve actually got 7 or 8 figures to invest- million dollar traders are investing in Gold stocks!



In one 8-day swing trade I made over 6 figures in profit. The only place to do that right now is in Gold and Silver stocks, which are severely undervalued and rising explosively to keep up with their soaring profits.

These stocks are un-loved and overlooked because mining for gold is a boring old business- everybody wants to invest in hot tech stocks like Tesla and Netflix. Which is AMAZING for me because that means less competition and more mouth-watering opportunities to compound my wealth.

Why haven’t I heard about this explosive bull market before?

First, it’s because were on the ground floor, the very beginning of the run… and second, the top hedge-fund manager and traders aren’t going to shout about their highest potential, most profitable trades. Of course they it keep it to themselves.

I may be rich to the average person but I am nothing compared to those guys. My 7 figure account can’t really steal any opportunities from them and we aren’t even looking at the same stocks anyway.

I’m sharing my thousands of hours of stock research and technical analysis with you because there’s plenty of room for more small fish like me. This wave to financial independence can fit lots more small fish on it.

BUT… This ain’t easy.

If you’ve never traded or invested in a natural resource stock before, it will take years to learn by yourself. You won’t get good enough in time before this volatile sector has already peaked. You will need to accelerate your learning, watch and learn from a professional trader like me and even get to know what stocks I’m buying…

You must repeatedly expose yourself to Gold stock charts, analyse them daily, research company’s balance sheets and monitor insider buying. That’s just the start.

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In this video I breakdown a trade I made in July 2019 on a stock called Bear Creek Mining. This was a standard trade for me which I’m sharing it to give you an insight into exactly what technical analysis indicators and chart patterns I use to trade in and out of stocks and catch explosive movements. You don’t want to waste time in a stock that is going sideways.

‼️At the end of the video, I talk about a massive trading opportunity in a micro-cap stock on the verge of breaking out and reaching new highs. I have over 80% of my portfolio in this one stock because it’s breakout is imminent ‼️

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Million Dollar Traders - earning $?00K in 8 days with 1 gold stock