5 Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now for 2020

Oil Stocks

I’ve found five oil stocks with dividends up to 9.9% and 2020 fundamentals that could rocket the share prices higher. In fact, I’m investing over ,000 in just one of these stocks this week.

This is the second video in our 11-part series on picking the best stocks to buy for 2020. I’ll show you how to find the top stocks in each sector and create a portfolio that beats the stock market. Not only will I reveal the best oil stocks but the five criteria I use to find stocks to buy.

This is hugely important and most investors don’t realize it! Focusing on just one sector for your portfolio will crush your investments when a stock crash comes. Growing AND protecting your money means finding the best stocks in each sector. Check out all the top stocks in each video of the series.

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I invest in a lot of stocks and that can make rebalancing my portfolio difficult. It’s why I use M1 Finance and it’s automated investing tool. Check out this review of M1 Finance and the other investing apps I use. https://youtu.be/hN73S4lEgm8

In this video, I’ll start by showing you why every investor needs to be investing in oil stocks and why they might be the last cheap stocks in the market. Whether you’re a growth investor or have that long-term outlook, these are investments you can’t pass up for your portfolio.

I’ll then show you how to find the best oil stocks to buy and why it’s going to be a critical part of your 2020 portfolio. Energy stocks have been slammed over the past couple of years but that might mean now is the perfect time to invest. If we do see a stock market crash next year, this could be one of the best sectors to protect your money.

I’ll highlight three oil stock funds to give you broad exposure to the energy sector, including one fund I’m putting ,000 of shares into my 401k account. These are some of the best funds for dividend income and growth.

Then I’m going to reveal the best oil stocks to buy for 2020 that you can hold forever. These are super-stocks that will make you money for decades.

1:40 Are oil stocks expensive?
3:40 How to pick oil stocks to buy
5:35 Three oil stock funds to buy
8:15 Top oil stocks for 2020

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5 Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now for 2020