What are the Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Programs?

What are the Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Programs?
Make Per Sign-Up with this Crypto Affiliate Program

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people on Reddit, Quora, and other forums and message boards asking about what the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs are. I’ve also been seeing that same question pop up more and more in my emails and Youtube comments so I wanted to touch on that.

Another reason I wanted to make this video is because a really interesting affiliate marketing opportunity in the crypto space just arose. There’s a new cryptocurrency exchange called Voayger that’s not only paying you per sign-up you bring to them, but is also giving the users you send over for signing up as well so there’s a benefit to them too.

Back in 2017 when crypto fever was at it’s height we saw every Youtuber under the sun making how to buy Bitcoin videos and sending people over to Coinbase to collect their affiliate commission. Since the market crashed interest in crypto has largely been gone which is kind of what surprises me about so many people now asking about crypto affiliate programs.

I’ve been telling people expect thing to be slow right now, until the markets come back people aren’t really interested in crypto. That’s something I found last year as well, when markets were going up my affiliate commissions and tee shirt sales were going through the roof. When markets went down sales disappeared as well as affiliate commissions.

While things are going to be slow right now, one benefit of that is there’s less competition out there in terms of other bloggers and affiliate marketers going after this niche. If you can get some rank on Youtube and Google now when most people have stepped away from crypto, “if”, the markets rebound and interest comes back you’ll be well positioned to make some money.

My top crypto affiliate programs would have to be Coinbase and Binance. They are well known exchanges, they both paid decently and because they were legit companies you knew you were going to be paid your affiliate commissions and they weren’t going to shut the program down and disapear without paying you.

More recently however I found this Voyager Affiliate program, the payout is great and because it’s new nobody has accounts yet so it should be easy to get sign-ups. Once the exchange goes live you can start making how to and review videos, another great way to get sign-ups and best of all you have something to offer peoplewho sign-up, free for signing up.

For those of you who are interested in crypto this may be a decent exchange to trade on as well.

Anyhow guys, like I said I’ve been seeing a lot of people looking for affiliate marketing opportunities in the crypto space as of late so wanted to make this video. If you want to check out the blog post with the mentions of other affiliate programs and the link to 99Bitcoins article which offers a bunch more affiliate offers click the link below to visit my blog post on this subject.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity in the Cryptocurrency Space – $25 Per Sign-Up


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What are the Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Programs?