VoltGo ICO Review – Charge Your EV the Smart Way

VoltGo ICO Review - Charge Your EV the Smart Way
Our today’s review will talk about a startup that intends to build an international network of charging facilities. It’s called VoltGo and it needs funding. So in the next few minutes we’re going to provide more details about this enterprise, its upcoming ICO and tokens. We’ll also touch upon the actual people who came up with the concept and give you our take on it.

1:34 What is VoltGo about?

One of the problems that the electric car has to overcome before becoming a trend is a lack of necessary infrastructure to charge batteries and rather long charging times in comparison to traditional types of fuel engines that require no charging. The existing stations have no sufficient capacity to accelerate the charging process. That’s what the team of VoltGo realized from personal experience. You simply can’t travel far comfortably and swiftly using an electric vehicle. The solution they propose is special high power charging stations – superchargers. The technology they plan to implement in building that equipment will allow an EV to fully replenish its battery in just 20-30 minutes. What sounds even more exciting about this system is that it’s going to be built on blockchain.

2:19 What market is VoltGo about to enter?

As of 2017, there are over 3 million electric and plug-in hybrid cars in use around the world. What keeps the electric car revolution is a number of factors. One of them is so called range anxiety. The term means that most EVs that an average household can afford, can reach approximately 80 to 100 miles on a single full charge of the battery which is not that much. And while different approaches are being tested to resolve this nuisance, building more charging stations will certainly help. It means that the demand for them will only increase as more people switch over to this type of vehicle.

There are other ways EV owners opt for to charge their battery, but they’re all either too costly or inconvenient. For instance, setting up a charging station at home would cost you some ,000. Plus it’s only really possible for those who own a garage. Others still charge the vehicle at work, but only few companies offer charging stations yet. Having said that, it all leaves a lot of space for startups like VoltGo to develop. Especially in such countries like the U.S. and China which are in the lead by the number of electric cars used by their nationals. In the former, the only high power charging station network is owned by the Tesla company, so that’d be VoltGo’s main competitor.

3:29 All about the VoltGo Token

The VoltGo Token is an ERC20 token, built on Ethereum.

After the launch of the token, users will be able to trade for profit it or use it to pay for battery charging services. But then again, all digital coins popular today will be acceptable, according to the Whitepaper, and no perks of using VoltGo tokens are indicated, so why bother building yet another one?

One more thing we think is useful to know is that at the beginning of the 1st quarter of 2019 two global exchanges should list the VoltGo token, as stated in the Whitepaper.

4:31 Now what about VoltGo MVP?

The MVP of VoltGo would be either of the two essential parts of the developed ecosystem: the supercharger or the software to manage it.

By 1st quarter of 2019 the release of the first client application versions is planned which will allow users to control the electric car battery charging process.

In the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2019 they’re planning to launch the pilot version of full-fledged electric charging station with an 8-car capacity.

5:02 Who is on the VoltGo team?

VoltGo is a Ukrainian team registered in Estonia. Most of the members have a background in car engineering and auto repairs.

The CEO of the company is Alex Demian, an EV enthusiast and blockchain technology expert with 7 years’ overall experience.

Sergey Velchev is Chief Production Officer.
In 2015 he headed a group of car enthusiasts who converted an old Soviet model into an electric vehicle. The converted electric vehicle could run up to 310 miles on a single charge. He’s also the creator of another EV – Synchronous. However, it remained a concept car and never came to large scale manufacturing.

Vladimir Revera is CTO. He is working on the hardware part of the VoltGo supercharger. Has more than 12 years of engineering experience, 3 years in EV charging devices manufacturing.

Eugene Topal is complementing Vladimir by developing software for the project. He has been involved in software development since 2009. Focused on crypto industry and cryptography since 2013.


Token: VoltGo Token (VGO)
Token supply: 250,000,000
Platform: Ethereum
ICO start: November 15, 2018
Registered Country: Estonia

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VoltGo ICO Review – Charge Your EV the Smart Way