Top 5 Stocks for Long Term Investment

Top 5 Stocks for Long Term Investment
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Investing in stocks for the long term can be very beneficial if the stocks are selected properly. invested in 1802 at the stock exchange of USA, would be worth million. That not only beats the inflation by a heavy margin, it also beats the fuel out of the bonds and gold investments. So, a wisely chosen stock can be the secret to a successful wealth accumulation strategy.

Today we discuss with you the top 5 stocks for long term investment in the Indian stock markets.

The list includes the following stocks:
5. Bajaj Auto
4. Infosys
3. Lupin
2. Indiabulls Housing Finance
1. HCL Technologies

We actually believe, safety and liquidity is paramount in value investing. So we chose the most robust stocks of the Indian markets, that can weather the cycles of fluctuation and still hold value for you. We went for a thorough fundamental valuation of the top 50 stocks of the Indian markets, analyse their fundamental strengths and weaknesses, and arrive at a conclusion as to which of them will turn from flower to fruit!

These top 5 investments for the long term are specifically aimed at the people, who are looking for a safe rate of return, and comparatively better liquidity with lower impact costs, and are willing to hold these investments for a minimum of two years, to maximum of five years. Any logical attempt to predict beyond five years bears statistically insignificant differences when compared against speculation!

I hope you find value in our recommendation of the top 5 investments for long term investment in India.

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Stay invested.
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Video- Prasanta Kumar Datta
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Top 5 Stocks for Long Term Investment