Stock Market Lessons from the Winter Olympics | Inspired by Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard (2018)

Stock Market Lessons from the Winter Olympics | Inspired by Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard (2018)
I love the Olympics and the USA’s first gold medalist this year is 17-year-old Red Gerard whose story should inspire you and help you learn some valuable lessons if you want to become my next millionaire student. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

0:05 The Olympics have just started and I love watching the Winter Olympics because I get so inspired.

0:10 The story of USA Olympian Red Gerard is inspiring and there are great lessons to be learned from his story. There are a lot of cross-overs from being an Olympian and being successful in the stock market.

1:00 His ability to cope with the pressure of being an Olympian is his attitude of taking life day-by-day. Setting enormous goals and putting yourself under so much pressure to become rich or become a millionaire is dangerous. You have to take it day-by-day or trade-by-trade when you’re trading in the stock market.

2:30 This kid had no ambition to be an Olympian he was just having fun and doing what he enjoyed day-by-day. If you want to learn the stock market you can study at night. Just like these guys practice in their free time, you can learn the stock market in your free time.

3:45 This is a marathon and not a sprit. Just like these athletes, you will fall, you will fail, you will have losses but you have to learn to persevere.

4:30 You might not have the ideal situation to become a stock market trader. You may not be good at math. But guess what, no matter your situation you can find ways to succeed.

6:00 Get inspired by others. Another trader’s success is not your loss. Use other people’s wins to get inspired. Join my trading challenge, learn from me and get the help and advice you need.

7:45 Very few people will believe in you when you start trading penny stocks. You have to stick with it and believe in yourself. We are a trading family and we cheer each other on.

9:00 The US stock market just got crushed in the last week or two but my top students haven’t lost a dime.

10:00 It doesn’t matter how much money you make or lose when you first start trading. You need to have fun with it. This is a marathon and you have to learn and stick with it.

12:00 You need to help me help you. I want you to focus on how you can become a millionaire over time. Your good habits will propel you forward.

13:00 You have to start small in the stock market, keep it fun and learn good habits. If you follow these rules you can be successful in just a few years.

14:00 It’s an amazing time to be alive. It’s an amazing time to study. Take it day-by-day and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This is a process. Leave a comment down below saying “I love Red Gerard” if you understand today’s lesson.

Stock Market Lessons from the Winter Olympics | Inspired by Olympic Gold Medalist Red Gerard (2018)