Penny Stock Trader Tim Gritanni: from $1,500 to $6.1 MILLION | The Tim Sykes Show

Penny Stock Trader Tim Gritanni: from ,500 to .1 MILLION | The Tim Sykes Show
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1:15 You’re over 6 million now, right? 6.1 Million. The earlier you start studying the stock market, the better. You have to study penny stocks before you can trade.

5:20 Everyone wants to get into the stock market right now, and they don’t want to take the time to learn and study the past. It’s hard, spending the time it takes to learn the stock market, it’s human nature.

6:40 90% of traders fail and the 10% of us who make it failed at some point. The more you study the stock market, the less of a failure you’ll be. Start small and learn and scale up.

10:20 When I’m doing well I’m buying break-outs. I fall victim to being over-patient. Patients can be a double-edged sword.

15:30 The dollar amount behind the trade doesn’t dictate how well or how poorly you can do in the stock market. You have to learn to cut your losses.

19:45 Not every loss is a mistake, it’s unavoidable you’re going to lose sometimes in the stock market. When you lose you study the loss and learn from your mistakes.

22:30 When I first started learning the stock market I was all over the place, I was trying to learn as much as possible. You have to find what works for you, how you learn, take a little bit from each trader and go from there.

27:00 When I go on a trading break it’s tough to stay away from trading. Detaching from the stock market is hard.

30:00 I’m always looking out for the next thing in the stock market, learning and expanding my knowledge and when you’re finally ready to dive into a new trading strategy, start small.

32:30 Invest in yourself, invest in your knowledge, and if you study and learn the stock market you can be successful too.

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Penny Stock Trader Tim Gritanni: from ,500 to .1 MILLION | The Tim Sykes Show