Penny Stock Millionaire Tim Sykes Receives The Visionary Entrepreneur Award For His Charity Work

Penny Stock Millionaire Tim Sykes Receives The Visionary Entrepreneur Award For His Charity Work
I was so honored to receive Autism Movement Therapy’s Visionary Entrepreneur Award in late 2017, this was the video montage created for the event reviewing some of my charitable endeavors. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

My name is Tim Sykes, and I teach people to trade stocks. I am a self-made multi-millionaire, and I am the number one ranked trader out of 60 thousand on Covestor. I got started in high school, and I turned my bar mitzvah money of 12 thousand dollars into two million. I’m from a middle-class neighborhood; this is big money. I always wanted to get into a good college and have a good job and have financial security eventually. I screwed it all up by making too much, you know, in high school and college. I ruined all those big plans, in a good way though, right?

Meet Timothy Sykes, a young entrepreneur who’s doing his part to change the world and make it a better place. Tim’s life story starts out like many a young boy in America. Born in 1981, he grew up Middle Class in Orange, Connecticut. Leading by example, his parents taught him the value of a dollar, and that to be successful you have to work hard. Timothy took that advice to the next level. In high school, he studied the stock market and began studying its patterns. At the very young age of 22, he became a self-made millionaire, after investing his bar mitzvah money into the stock market and trading small stocks wisely. To be accurate, Timothy turned a little over 12 thousand dollars into one point six five million in less than three years. Young and naive, he did what most young millionaires do: Spend money on an ornate lifestyle living the American Dream from an outsiders point of view. High-end cars, exotic vacations, designer labels and Michelin star meals. But it wasn’t fulfilling. Tim soon realized that was the wrong path. So he changed course. He decided to help people and give back to those who have not been as fortunate.

You ever heard of Tim Sykes? It’s about the fact that everything he does while he’s traveling, I mean, he’s running seven businesses at one time. And if he can do that, I can save my money for my child and my wife, and I knew I could make it through this, as long as I had a blueprint. And he gave that blueprint to me.

Tim Sykes is amazing. Especially from a motivational, I mean you can’t doubt his trading ability and the things I’ve learned about trading and how to trade, but his motivation is exceptional, he pumps me up being here. I’m a high school teacher also, and it’s something I try to instill in the classroom for struggling students, but meeting Tim has been amazing, and this experience has been just much more than I ever could have expected.

This child, his name was Yuen, could not communicate with his parents, he was born with some unfortunate circumstances. We donated, or I donated 20 thousand dollars to a device so that he could talk and flew down to Miami, met with him and his mom, and through this device, you know he said “Hello Mother,” and it was a beautiful moment.

This is Tim Sykes, and we are here at Project Chicken Soup. It’s a great organization that helps give healthy nutritious meals to people who are sick, and today we’re going to be helping out packing some of these meals and delivering them to people who need it. Let’s do it!

He has helped the homeless find homes again, and children with autism to find joy in dance and music. Tim Sykes doesn’t just write checks. What makes him different is that he wants to get to know the people he helps. He spends his time traveling the world visiting the communities he impacts, and learning about the different cultures his work touches. These interactions have brought a new meaning to Tim’s life and what it means to find happiness and helping others. Giving is Tim’s new found mission, and he’s just getting started.

It’s Dionne. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there with you this evening to celebrate with all the wonderful friends you have to honor you for all the good that you do. You do so much for so many, and it’s now time for us to do something for you. Have a good time, and I’ll see you soon. Take care. Love you!

My guest is Timothy Sykes, the multi-millionaire stock trader, and entrepreneur. Timothy invested his 12 thousand dollar bar mitzvah money, which is about 11 thousand five hundred more than I’ve got, in penny stocks, making his first million in his college dorm. In addition to coaching students online and in seminars, his high roller lifestyle on social media has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Less than a year ago he kicked off his non-profit the Timothy Sykes Foundation, which aims to raise more than two million dollars in 2015, for what?

Everything, to help people, you know, change their lives. Just like my life has been changed.

Penny Stock Millionaire Tim Sykes Receives The Visionary Entrepreneur Award For His Charity Work