LIVE WIRE | International Stock Markets Shujaat Mubarik | 13, February 2018

LIVE WIRE | International Stock Markets Shujaat Mubarik | 13, February 2018
The phenomenal induction of private Television stations in Pakistan broke the state’s monopoly on broadcasting thrilled the masses, following the deregulation of media, eventuating in impartial debates on domestic and international issues.
Back in 2004, Business plus TV was one of the very few private TV channels launched with an intention to address Economic problems to promote capital and investment opportunities in the country.
The channel still enjoys a privilege of being lone Business TV after more than a decade and compatibly transmitting programmes on economy, budget policies, socio-economy issues, trade operations, government regulations pertaining to taxes, and policies of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) by highlighting problems faced by industrialists, traders, and common masses in this regard.
Business Plus primarily focuses on Business programmes which include discussions, talk shows, and panel discussions with top ranking economist, business tycoons, and leaders by formally bringing them on screen for its audience to feed their curiosity. Furthermore, the channel doesn’t only give coverage to business operations in Pakistan specifically but it also gives viable coverage to the international stock, current affairs, latest happenings and their consequent impacts on the economy of country.
Besides business transmissions, the channel also telecast a wide range of shows pertaining to current affairs. The current affairs shows specifically analyse countrywide, regional, and international political situations by bringing the facts to the audience. The channel televise an hourly news bulletin and an hourly news bulletins four times a day which also includes views and opinions of renowned Economists, Politicians, Defence Analysts, Government Officials, and International Relations Expert. Moreover, Business plus also telecasts various other shows on sports and entertainment.



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LIVE WIRE | International Stock Markets Shujaat Mubarik | 13, February 2018