LendingBlock ICO Review Crypto currency lending plateform

LendingBlock ICO Review Crypto currency lending plateform
link to website – https://lendingblock.com/
linkt o White Paper – https://lendingblock.com/static/media/Whitepaper-English.21b2ed91.pdf
link to channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChcBC3CV0jDxq9MYFyNPAVA/videos?view_as=subscriber

Today we are going to talk about LendingBlock and their upcoming ICO. LendingBlock aims to be a security lending platform with crypto currencies

What is it about – min 0.31
LendingBlock in a nutshell: It is an open exchange for cryptocurrencies, where borrowers and lenders are matched in a simple, safe and transparent way.

The aim is to enable holders of digital assets to earn stable and secure returns without sacrificing ownership, while giving borrowers who hold digital assets the ability to use them as collateral to obtain loans at market rates to support a range of financial activities including direct funding, hedging or investing.

Security – min 2.16
In this project they talk a lot about security
Compliance Manager – yes
Legal Advisors – yes
Company Regulated – No

How do they plan to make money – min 3.55
Lendingblock’s revenues are generated from borrowing and lending fees.

Roadmap – min 5.32
Too short for me – no visibility on the development of the project

Team + Advisors – min 7.03
Steve Swain – CEO & CoFounder
Linda Wang – COO & CoFounder
Small team but talented – all have a finance or blockchain background
Advisors: Charlie Beach (risk control) – Andrew Mullinger (risk management and regulation) – Alberto Sonnino (Blockchain) – Kingsley Avani (Fund Raising)

Marketing – min 10.27
Lack of hype
Telegram – 3700 members
Twitter – 2800 followers
Partners – Digital Radish, Field House, Crowcreate

Token Distribution – min 12.45

ICO – min 14.10
LND coin
Pre-Sale: April 7-14th
ICO: April 15-22
.01667 (pre-sale)
.02 (ICO)
Only accept ETH

Competitors – 16.01min
Elix – https://www.elixirtoken.io/
ETHLand – https://ethlend.io/en/
Salt – https://www.saltlending.com/
Nexo – https://nexo.io/
Ripio – https://ripiocredit.network/
MicroMoney – https://www.micromoney.io/

Good vs Bad – min 17.35
Good – Security / Team / Market
Bad: Good competition / Poor growth projection / lack of Hype / Regulation

Thanks 🙂 and do remember this is only my personal opinion and not a financial advise.

LendingBlock ICO Review Crypto currency lending plateform