32 thoughts on “How to open a stock trading account with Options Xpress (Complete Guidance)”

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  2. Hello Mr Brown i need your help how to complete the Electronic W-8BEN certification when you are in south africa

  3. Hello Mr. Brown.. Thank you for your videos.I'm learning a lot with them. I have already created my account on optionsXpress, but i can't trade yet because I'm in Malaysia, so I have to sign and mail something to them (Singapore), so they can activate my account. it's a long process. Can you recommend another trustworthy broker that I can use? Thank you in advance !

  4. what do they charge per share you buy or what percentage do they charge for trades

  5. Hi Mr Brown I just want to thank you for put your videos up there, I've been watching a lot of your videos and learning a lot I mean do a lot of research myself to get ready to started,,,,, it's been two weeks since I get interest about Penny Stock and honestly you put everything so clear is so perfect so everybody can understand what are you saying so thank you one more time and I'm going to write a letter to your email, because I want you to give me a little crash course of a few questions I have thank you for your videos

  6. So good your teachings! I am starting from zero and your videos are the best so far for beginners like me. I am learning a lot. Can I open an account from Japan? I am not from the U.S.?

  7. I've tried to download the optionxpress app. but it ask me for my username and password.

  8. Do I really need to put my real information? because the system told me that We were unfortunately unable to complete the identity verification process online. Not to worry, we have an easy alternative.
    To complete your account please PRINT, sign and submit your application and valid photo identification via one of the delivery methods below: I just put a different social security number and birthday since it is a virtual account right or I really need to give my real information? Thank you and good luck.

  9. What is a way to stay in contact with you MR. Brown have been watching and learning a lot from your videos and would like to stay informed and up to date with all your moves and plays…..

  10. Hello Jason, Started your course a few weeks ago and loving it so far. I'm at section 6 "Opening an Online Brokerage Account" and just found out that Optionsxpress does not offer any service in Canada. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  11. well explained. I love all your videos. I already purchased your foundation course.& learn a lot. You nailed it. I was able to buy some FB shares. I will definitely join your coaching group soon. Well done & keep you the good work

  12. Jason, you're a wonderful teacher. I'm a 38 y/o female who just lost her job and getting divorced, and I have to say, as a woman trying to get into this industry is intimidating, but somehow you make it seems possible and exciting! Thank you for what you do and let me know if you need a partner/guinea pig/fan club :)

  13. +thebrownreport.com I'm new to the stock market. I'm kind of confuse about where to begin… I would like to open a Roth with my $3500k and buy an ETF. Would that strategy yield the same reult like the five year, $4000k plan compounding example you showed everyone in the beginning of the video? Where are you investing that 4K example is that through an ETF or Mutual fund through Vanguard, Fidelity or TDAMERITRADE etc? Also should I continue to contribute to the initial $4000k or sit back and wait for five years? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

  14. hey what broker would you recommend me use as a 1st time trade and os this information good use for currencies or commodities ?

  15. Do you do more short sells than buying. Do you/have you bought on the rise and the fall?

  16. I have never really invested or traded stocks simply because if the fees. With the robbinhood app I have began to buy as little as 1 share and as many as 30. what do you think about buying 1 or 2 shares with no commission fees? GE, PAYPAL, DISNEY, 1 share each. Ford 10 shares, amd 6 shares. is this a micro scale of a rich mans portfolio? I'm in it for learning.

  17. Im out here in Canada, form my understanding I can start trading/ paper Trading if I find a broker / discount broke correct? from there i can just buy & sell stocks. BUT where would i get the graphing software? which stock should i start paper trading with? i am assuming you dont do pennystock since they are somewhat short term.

    as a Canadian can I trade on the US market? and am I able to join your group/ follow your forum since they are base US stocks.

  18. hi I'm not sure what's the next move… is there a software I need or anything… I'm down to start and learn but I'm not sure what next to do

  19. Good stuff! I am starting almost with nothing financially, because of health and other issues, but at least I'm going to start.

  20. Trying to figure out the compound interest formula on the 5 years make 1.2 mil from a $4000 investment. Can anyone share?


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