Get True Results with Trade Stock Alerts vs. “Free Penny” Lion Stock Alerts


Read below on why you shouldn’t use “free peny stock alerts” like Lion Stock Alerts.

The fact that they are giving this information away for “free” should set alarm bells ringing. No one savvy enough to know when the next big play in penny stocks is coming from would give you that information for nothing in return.

So, if these offers are free of charge, what is really going on? After all, the natural question to ask one’s self is “if they aren’t asking for money, how are they scamming me?”. Basically, what the sites do is promote stocks that have extremely low market capitalizations, often just a few million dollars. Any respectable company in the same industry would likely view as worthless. The stocks are showcased for two reasons, either the people behind the penny stock alert service already own shares themselves and have depleted all available supply in the market (front-running), or someone is paying them to promote it.

In fact, in many of these promotion services (at least those that operate on the legal side of the line), you will often see disclaimers telling you the stock will crash back down as soon as they stop promoting it. Of course, you don’t know when that is, only the people behind the scenes do. If you are thinking this sounds like a penny stock pump and dump scam, you would be right. For those who follow these alerts, it is very unlikely you will be able to realize any profits. In fact, it’s much more likely you will lose money.

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Get True Results with Trade Stock Alerts vs. “Free Penny” Lion Stock Alerts