Chimaera (CHI) ICO Review: Blockchain Gaming Platform! (2018)

Chimaera (CHI) ICO Review: Blockchain Gaming Platform! (2018)
Chimaera (CHI token) is the world’s first blockchain gaming platform. There are blockchain games and projects that try to monetise digital game assets, but Chimaera will be the first project that is building a platform specifically for gaming.

The team behind Chimaera has been in the blockchain scene since early days and already launched two successful blockchain projects and are using a unique technology to achieve the scaling required to host multiple high end games on the blockchain. If they succeed, the games we see in the blockchain space won’t be simple games like Cryptokitties, but mainstream games like MOBA, RTS, RPG, MMORPG and even VR (virtual reality).

To learn more about Chimaera including a look at token price and whether its a good investment at Pre-ICO/ ICO stage, don’t miss out on this ultimate review on Chimaera (CHI): Blockchain Gaming Platform!

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Chimaera (CHI) ICO Review: Blockchain Gaming Platform! (2018)