Blue Chip Stocks in India – Long Term Investment (Hindi)

Blue Chip Stocks in India - Long Term Investment (Hindi)
I am Bappa Datta, What are Blue Chip Stocks? | क्या Blue Chip Stocks मे invest करना सही है?
Blue Chip Stocks are leaders in their respective industry or sector. There is NO standard definition of Blue Chip Stocks. Different investors or fund houses tweak the definition of Blue Chip Stocks as per their convenience. These are also called bellwether stocks. Blue Chip Stocks have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Some of the characteristics of Blue Chip Stocks are that they considered being safe for long term investment. They have high growth potential with normally high dividend yield. The management of the company is very strong that deliver very high returns. The market capitalization of these companies is very high.

Some of the most common definitions of Blue Chip Stocks are as follows
1. Large cap stocks i.e. Top 100 companies in terms of market capitalization as classified by SEBI
2. Sensex 30 stocks.
3. Nifty 50 stocks.
4. As per my definition, the Top 10 companies with the highest weightage in Nifty 50 are Blue Chip Stocks.

The weightage of the company with poor performance reduce in the Top 10 list and eventually move out of the list. For example, SBI is no longer in the top 10 list. The current list of Blue Chip Stocks is HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries Limited, HDFC Ltd, Infosys, ITC, TCS, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, L&T, and Maruti.

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The list of parameters available in this FREE Stock Screener for intraday trading are as follows
1. Open High Low
2. Previous range breakout
3. New Intraday High’s and Low’s
4. Near High and Near Low
5. Near Yesterday High and Low
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7. Pre-open volume strength
8. Today’s Volume Strength
9. Real Intraday % Change

Whereas for positional or swing trading you can do following analysis.
1. NR4 and NR7 breakouts. Here NR means Narrow Range
2. Opening Range Breakouts
3. Closing Range Breakouts
4. Gaps Up and Down
5. Opening Gap filling
6. Trend reversal
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Blue Chip Stocks in India – Long Term Investment (Hindi)