Best 5G Stocks to Buy 2019 (Top 3 Picks) 📍

Best 5G Stocks to Buy 2019 (Top 3 Picks) 📍

The best 5G stocks to buy in 2019 and buy now. 5G Stocks and 5G Technology is the future, and if your a long term investor, chances are you’ve already dabbled in some 5G stocks. Today we’ll cover 3 stocks that produce completely different products – but that all stand to benefit from 5G. 1 is a manufacturer of 5G infrastructure, 1 is a company that is developing 5G chips for devices, and 1 is a company that will sell 5G products to consumers.

Why is 5G and 5G Stocks the future? The Speeds 5G offers is a huge improvement. 4G would be able to provide a max of 1Gbps, but 5G will bump that up to 200Gbps. Response time is improved drastically – 60ms max in 4G but 10ms max in 5G meaning that requests and such sent by devices are much quicker and more responsive. 5G has a broader range for bandwidth compared to 4G – upto 1000 times more range. And IoT is a big buzz word thrown around – and this essentially is the technology of devices talking to each other. This makes the devices around you connected together.

Stock #1: Nokia Stock (NOK Stock)
Nokia is a major player in the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure. NOK is on the ball and is one of the leaders developing it – alongside Huawei and Ericsson. NOK has some marketing material on their technology which shows a bit of the value they provide and their current reach worldwide as well for 5G. They have a solution called “5G Future X” which is designed to be the starting point for every extraordinary 5G experience. The customers they have for 5G include ATT, Verizon, TMobile, and Sprint, and in Canada it’s Bell. And the potential here for countries and governments that choose NOK for 5G is massive. Last year T-Mobile signed a 3.5B deal with Nokia and just in the last few days in fact, we got news that the Pentagon is looking at Nokia for 5G deployment. We also had news that NOK will be A1 Telecom’s provider of choice in Austria. The reason I picked this stock is because for the last 5 years, the stock has literally been moving sideways, and just been in a consolidation state ever since the sell-off it experienced during the last recession. And what kept my attention even though the stock hasn’t done much is their balance sheet where I noticed the cash & cash equivs are strong, giving me confidence that they can invest in new technologies and the debt is fairly low, so they can even make some acquisitions in the 5G space if they wanted to. It has a market cap around 30B and Forward P/E of 13. NOK Stock also pays out a dividend of over 4%.

Stock #2: Qualcomm Stock (QCOM Stock)
Qualcomm is a chip manufacturer. Companies will need to create 5G chips to talk to 5G networks, and QCOM is at the forefront of this. They have been working on 5G tech for over 10 years. The biggest opportunity initially at least IMO is the adoption of these 5G chips in smartphones. All phones now have 4G LTE chips, which is the technology available today, but as 5G rolls out from carriers, phones need to have special 5G chips to take advantage of the benefits. As of now, QCOM has 2 models that are available that manufacturers will start putting in their phones most likely. The X50 and X55, both offer 5G connectivity and both are next generation chips from QCOM. QCOM is by far the dominant player in phones, and I believe in the next 5G wave, will continue to be just as dominant in phones. QCOM is expensive, trading at a PE of 38, but forward pe is very cheap, expected to come in at 13 and they pay a 4% dividend.

Stock #3: Apple Stock (AAPL Stock)
Our 3rd stock pick is a company that will leverage 5G to continue their dominance – and that’s Apple. The iPhone’s have begun stagnating in terms of unit sales, but the rise in prices recently or ASP’s have helped apple continue to bring in more money than ever before. If we get a iPhone X 5G in 2020 or 2021, that will reignite sales IMO and start the next supercycle in smartphones.

In loving memory of Marlon.

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Best 5G Stocks to Buy 2019 (Top 3 Picks) 📍