4/11/19 Real Time Penny Stock Scanners w/ Commentary – Momentum!

4/11/19 Real Time Penny Stock Scanners w/ Commentary – Momentum!

I will now be doing pre market and live trading commentary on stocks I am watching to scalp trade starting around 9am . Note: I am trading with direct access brokers with hot keys. The strategy I use is risky and takes lots of practice to master. With that said, I highly recommend every one to practice in a simulator before using real money. Its just not worth losing your hard earned money. I am always open to helping people learn more about trading and I will answer any questions I can however I am NOT a professional and I do not do this for a living but rather supplementary income.

https://discord.gg/39yetJJ — My Discord server “Small Cap Scalpers” Day traders and scalpers welcome this is a place to bounce ideas off each other between like minded traders.

My website: https://www.bluecollardaytrader.com

If you have any questions about these scanners or want to learn more about day trading join my discord server above.

Top Left: Gap Scanner

Bottom Left: Momentum Scanner –

Middle Top: Penny Movers

Middle Bottom: Halt/Resume Scanner

TOp Right: Sub Movers

Bottom Right: Low Float Stocks Making Moves

I am tweaking these scanners weekly – They will get better with time. Thank you to every one who has subscribed and watches every day. Let’s make some $$$$!

My website: https://www.bluecollardaytrader.com

Disclaimer: I (redsmechanic) am NOT a professional financial adviser. Day trading is VERY risky and is NOT for everyone. This stream is NOT buy/sell financial advice. Also, I am NOT affiliated with any companies/persons related to anything you may see on the scans. By viewing this stream you agree that I am NOT liable for any financial gain or loss you may experience.

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4/11/19 Real Time Penny Stock Scanners w/ Commentary - Momentum!