05/15/19 **SIM/LIVE** S&P and Nasdaq day trading streaming

05/15/19 **SIM/LIVE** S&P and Nasdaq day trading streaming

SIM/LIVE trading $ES_F $ES $NQ $NQ_F Nasdaq S&P 500 Futures not at the screen all day.

**because of the trade war issues ill be trading micros**

– Sierra Charts in my opinion a really good charting package for cheap its can mimic anything on the market. here is a link to a playlist that can get you started customizing your charts or you could just buy the chart files from him. I use a renko chart that is inspired by FT71 and a number bar chart(delta chart) the levels that are automatically labeled are the typical ones yesterdays open, yesterdays low/high, yesterdays POC, current VWAP, 2x deviation bands, mid price

– Bookmap an orderflow software that shows you the book history where you can see past and current bids/offers and what traded there

Basic trading links(these are not paid or endorsed they are just people that have good information)
Axia Futures tons of free videos
Futures Trader 71

Shameless plugs for my benefit and yours potentially
Affiliate broker: Stage 5 ask for Max Timmins I get commission reductions based on referrals tell him CAA Capital LLC referred you.
– Multiple platforms supported(i guess this is not super unique)
– on Gain they have a really good performance tracking tool the S5 Trading Analyzer this helps with knowing where you are doing well and where you need to work on there are after market tools that you have to manually enter in data or log inaccurately
– commissions are competitive I was at tradovate before after my subscription ended it made more sense to go with S5.
– very responsive team
– S5 Mobile, S5 Web charges a 0.50/contract fee to use
– Withdrawals are not web based you have to email a request
05/15/19 **SIM/LIVE** S&P and Nasdaq day trading streaming