📈PICKING A STOCK (Pt. 6 Stock Market Investing) 📈

📈PICKING A STOCK (Pt. 6 Stock Market Investing) 📈
Hi everyone! It’s the Young Investor, and thank you for tuning in to Part 6 of Stock Market Investing. If you’re new here, click the subscribe button and on bell notifications so you never miss any new videos from my channel whatsoever. So how do you pick a stock? What investments should I make? These are all questions many people ask when they start out in the stock market. And so to answer this question, you don’t start out with a stock. Start with an index fund. Now what is an index fund? An index fund is a specific type of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund that pools money together to track an underlying basket of investments. So the S & P 500 for example tracks an underlying basket of the top 500 companies in the United States. The index funds I recommend you start with are the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF ($VTI), Vanguard Growth ETF ($VUG), Vanguard Value ETF ($VTV), Vanguard 500 Index Fund ($VOO), and Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF ($VIG). Having a Vanguard Index Fund is better than having an average mutual fund, as the upkeep costs are only 10% of that a regular mutual fund and because they yield an average of 11.86% annually compared to 7% for a regular fund, making it well worth the costs. And now we have to decide on your actual investment style. Are you a high-risk investor or a low risk investor? /// If you’re a high risk investor, your returns are going to be higher in exchange for accepting greater losses or greater risk meanwhile if you are a low risk investor, your returns will be lower but you accept this fact just so you can have lower risk.

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This is not to be taken as professional advice or professional investing material. The content I provide just serves as a suggestion or clues to investors, day traders, speculators, etc. on how to operate in the stock market, and what’s going on in the market as a whole. I strongly advise you either speak to a local professional or do your due research. Thank you.

📈PICKING A STOCK (Pt. 6 Stock Market Investing) 📈