► My Do it Yourself Standing Desk for Stock Trading – Multiple Monitor Trading Setup

► My Do it Yourself Standing Desk for Stock Trading - Multiple Monitor Trading Setup
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I always wanted to make my own standing desk for my multiple monitor stock trading setup. One of the reasons I wanted to make a stand up desk was that I have heard more and more that sitting all day at a computer is as bad as being a smoker. Obviously for someone like myself who is using multiple monitors all day trading stocks, futures trading and Forex the idea of standing seemed like the way to go.
I researched standing desks and found them quite expensive and more important they were not long enough to support my eight monitor setup. I then decided on a do it yourself standing desk.
I figured I would want about a 7 to 8 foot in length and 1.5 to 2 feet in depth and a good thickness to hold the 100 plus pounds of equipment but also to hold my leaning weight. If you are looking to make a cheap standing desk whether it’s for trading or just for whatever then I hope this video was some help to you.

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► My Do it Yourself Standing Desk for Stock Trading – Multiple Monitor Trading Setup